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We are pleased to offer food recycling services through a sister company, Premier Food Waste Recycling. The company is the premier hauler for food waste and organic residuals in New Jersey, serving more than 200 supermarkets, fruit and vegetable stores, diners, restaurants, colleges, corporate office buildings, correctional facilities, hospitals, and hotels.

For most food service and food retailing establishments, organic waste comprises 60 percent of the waste stream. By working with Premier, these businesses can have a comprehensive organics recycling program than can slash waste disposal bills by 25 percent. The program also serves as a superb marketing initiative for clients, who can demonstrate their commitment to cutting-edge recycling initiatives and “going green.”

Premier Food Waste Recycling collects food scraps and any other organic material throughout New Jersey and greater Philadelphia. Central Jersey transports the food materials to a site which safely processes it through decomposition and ultimately produces a high grade top soil.

Separating food waste from non-recyclable trash ultimately reduces the dependency on valuable landfill space, which, in addition to being environmentally prudent, reduces customers’ waste disposal costs.
It is simple to join Central Jersey’s organic waste recycling program.
Premier handles it all – training your staff, providing collection receptacles, issuing quarterly reports on your savings, offering educational posters and conducting follow-ups. Call 609-771-8005 or email us to begin saving money and the environment.
Some of our Clients include: