Hi: I was driving back to work just now along Province Line Road in Lawrenceville/Princeton. Across the road from the Bristol Myers Squibb campus on Province Line road, one of your trucks stopped at a residence to pick up their recycling. There is a barrier on the road there, so the cars could not get past, and this house had a RIDICULOUS amount of recycling (like 8 or so large cans, plus boxes of boxes).   Noticing that traffic was going to back up, the driver immediately jumped out to help, and both guys worked as quickly as possible to get everything loaded and everyone behind them moving again. Would someone please let those guys know that one of the drivers behind them noticed the hustle and REALLY APPRECIATED it!

 Best, K.P.


Comments: Just wanted to compliment one of your employees on going above and beyond this morning. I had forgot to place my trash by the curb for pickup and when I hear the truck this am I rushed out and placed it by the curb. After the truck went by and realizing I may have missed my pick up, I went back out and moved my trash back by the side of my house. A few minutes later I heard the truck again and noticed that the gentleman in fact walked to my house and picked up my trash. That was truly amazing and please let him know that I appreciate it.

Homeowner on Clearview Ave.


Hello my name is Sara. My fiance was involved in an accident at 4:30 am this morning on Prospect Ave. in Ewing,NJ. As he was trapped inside the truck, he had to climb out a window on the passenger side seat. As he was on the side of the road he tried to wave down traffic to get help. As many people drove right by a very nice gentleman pulled over in one of your trucks. He called dispatch to your company to 911. We are very thankful for you having people there to help someone in need. If it wasn't for your driver we wouldn't know how long it would have taken to get emergency help. Again Thank you and please Thank the driven who did stop to help him.

Sara & Alfred

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